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Complex Asbuilt Drawings to Design-ready 3D Renderings

Every project is different and they range in size, scope, visibility, access and style. You need to know what to look for, what to ask and not to assume that what you see is what you get. This mountain ranch home had a few surprises onsite; an extensive framed foundation, a maze of rooms, lofts and several decks. A thorough review and discussions with the client were necessary to make sure we captured everything the client needed; we even went a little further: 3D scanning what we thought might be relevant information. Later we would discover that the pool we thought to include in the scan, was indeed a point of interest to the client, and they appreciated that we went that extra distance to meet their needs.

Our goal is not to churn projects out based on a 1-2-3 package deal. We want to hand you design-ready renderings. That means working closely with you to meet your needs, drafting in your template to your standards, modifying scope on-site or last minute where necessary, working around your clients busy schedule, while meeting yours with quality.

*The finished 3D asbuilt drawing below was scanned using the Geoslam Horizon and modeled in ArchiCAD.


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