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Saving an Architect from a Drafting Nightmare

Architects are highly skilled and amazing at what they do, but when they show up to measure a dwelling that only has one right-angle, multiple levels and a complicated site, I wouldn't be surprised if they began to sweat. The work we do is complicated. To measure a home of this design and magnitude by hand is extremely time consuming and demanding even if you decide to draft onsite and honestly, it's not worth your time as an architect.

Needless to say we were extremely excited to assist our client on this project and deliver a workable file, that would turn a complicated field day into a smooth ArchiCAD file, that our client could work with in the comfort of their office...I like to think they were drinking a warm cup of coffee as they began to dive into their creative flow.

Using the Geoslam Horizon, we were able to scan the entire dwelling, it's site, the existing riprap and adjacent buildings to meet the architects needs. What you see is the culmination of years of practice, communication, drafting skills, and a commitment to quality.


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