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Point Clouds to Tree-houses

I've shared images of trees that have been within the scope of my work, but they have yet to be the focal point of any one project; that's what makes this post so exciting! After years of wondering if people were using point-clouds to design tree houses, I reconnected with a friend who is doing just that; designing and building amazing tree-houses using 3D point-clouds then modeling them in Rhino. As we discussed each of our work in further detail we soon discovered an opportunity to collaborate.

It happens that the Geoslam Horizon scanner can handle being in light rain or foggy conditions and that was a huge advantage during a seasonal Northern California rain storm. I timed my scans using a weather app to find gaps in the rainfall.

If you love tree-houses, know someone interested in adding one to their property, or just curious about modern tree-house design, I highly encourage you to check out the amazing designs at O2 Treehouse. Their team is absolutely skilled and professional.


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