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3D Scan to Model: Solutions for Architects

  • 3D scanning a project can save architects time and money by providing an accurate, detailed cloud. The cloud often has more details than needed and reduces human measurement errors onsite.

  • 3D clouds can allow for the addition of features to any model that were not originally requested.

  • Drafting a project from point-cloud to model is to deliver detailed information about structure, site, grade, and adjacent structures (neighboring windows in tight building zones like San Francisco) all of which are used to inform design decisions.

  • 3D models are powerful tools in architecture because they allow architects to visualize their designs in a realistic way.

  • 3D models can also be used to create virtual walkthroughs of a building, allowing architects to explore the design from different angles and get a better understanding of the space.

  • 3D models are and will be an added value to any built asset.

For this Hotel project I was hired to scan/model the onsite restaurant, gym, pool bar, and lobby with existing electrical/utilities. During the walk-through, I explained my process, how 3D models can be used, and the advantage of starting with (and building onto) a 3D model.

That conversation moved my client to request I add the seven levels of hallways including the utility closets. Throughout the four-days I was onsite, and as I became more and more familiar with the building, we discovered more utilities pertinent to future maintenance, design & technology updates.

What you see is the culmination of those discussions as a partial model, which reduced cost while allowing for the option to build onto the file at a later date.


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